Cosmetics – Caviar d'Escargots


100% natural

All our ingridients are 100% natural.


We pull nutrients into our crops without the use of additives.

We Care

We truly care about the health of our soil, lands & products.

Snail Caviar


The main ingredient of the creams and the balsam are snail eggs or snail caviar. The latest research carried out by scientists all over the world has discovered the incredible characteristics of snail egg lipoproteins. The regeneration and reconstruction ability of snail cells has become known. The protein content in snail eggs is very high; they are also found rich in Calcium, Copper and Iron and have an excellent antioxidant capacity.

These amazing characteristics of lipoproteins found in snails can be used to our advantage. Caviar d’escargots creams and balsams enable all that. They contain all lipoproteins, as they are made of eggs that give birth to life.