Caviar d'Escargots – Cosmetics, Supplements and Foods

100% natural

All our ingridients are 100% natural.


We pull nutrients into our crops without the use of additives.

We Care

We truly care about the health of our soil, lands & products.

Caviar d’Escargots Cosmetics

Where caviar produced is used as the basis for excellent organic creams and balsam.

Caviar d’Escargots Supplements

Where we are developing for you the new line of products as organic food supplements, also based on our snail eggs.

Caviar d’Escargots Snail Caviar

The snail caviar is extravagant food for hedonists, the seekers of new flavours.

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Caviar d’Escargots brand was established at our farm in a village of Rače, Slovenia, where we grow snails of the species Helix Aspersa Muller Maxima. These snails are intended for human consumption.

The product we make is these snails’ eggs, from which first-class caviar is produced carefully by controlled breeding of high-grade purity.